Preparing for Your Surgery

At Surgery Center of the Pacific, we want you to feel comfortable and prepared on the day of your surgery. Our team has prepared a selection of resources to help you learn what to expect during each step of your procedure:

Before Surgery

Remember, the nursing staff will give you a call a few days before your surgery. At this time, we’ll review all of these instructions and more in preparation for your surgery.

Keep the following in mind as you prepare:

  • Bring a protective case with you for your contact lenses or glasses if you wear them.
  • Unless you have received specific instructions from our office, do not take any medication after midnight.
  • It’s important you don’t eat or drink anything after midnight, not even water or gum.
  • If you take aspirin, herbal supplements, and blood thinning medications, please tell your surgeon and anesthesiologist.
  • Be sure to let your surgeon know if you experience any changes in your physical condition prior to surgery, such as a fever or a cold.

Note that disregarding the strict dietary requirements could result in the cancellation of your surgery.

Day of Surgery

What to Expect When You Arrive

Please plan to arrive one hour prior to your scheduled surgery. Your family can wait for you in the front lobby and your surgeon will speak with them immediately post-surgery. You will also meet with your anesthesiologist who can discuss the process and answer your questions.

Prior to your surgery, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is large enough to accommodate bandages.
  • Shower before your surgery. Remove makeup and avoid use of lotions, oils, or perfumes.
  • Arrange for a responsible adult to give you a ride after your procedure and stay with you for 24 hours.

On the day of your surgery, bring with you:

  • A list of your prescription and non-prescription medications
  • Please remember to bring your driver's license, all insurance cards and other pertinent documents with you on the day of surgery so that we may process your insurance papers for you.
  • Payments can be made with American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

After Surgery

Here’s what you should know after your surgery:

  • You should start your post-surgery diet with clear liquids. Avoid solid foods until the first four to six hours have passed.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders concerning what to eat, the medications to take, necessary rest, and appropriate activity levels.
  • Do NOT drive a car, smoke, drink alcohol, cook, or operate machinery at any point during the first 24 hours post-surgery.
  • Feelings of fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness, or mild pain and discomfort are not unusual during the several hours post-surgery.

If you have further questions, or if you would like to speak with a member of our staff, please contact us.

Call Surgery Center of the Pacific at (310) 576-7267.

Get In Touch With Us

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If this is a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. For your security, please do not use email to share personal information, health information, social security numbers or credit card numbers. Instead, we recommend contacting your clinic and/or doctor directly.